INFORMATION OF THE SCHOOL REQUIRED TO BE UPLOADED ON WEBSITE 2016                                      
1 Name of the School with address: KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA, RAJGARH,
(Strictly as per Affiliation sanction letter or as permitted by the board) with pin code no.  KHILCHIPUR ROAD
  (i) E-Mail http://www.kvrajgarh.org.in/index.php/component/rsfirewall/?task=cloak&string=cHJpbmNpcGFsX2t2cmFqQHlhaG9vLmNvLmlu
  (ii)Ph. No. (07372) 255 104
  (iii) Fax No. (07372) 254 169
2 Year of establishment of school Oct-86
3 Whether NOC from state/UT or recommendation of Embassy of India obtained Not Applicable
(i)           NOC no.  
(ii)          NOC issuing date KVS is Autonomous Body under HRD ministry,  Government of India
4 Is the school is recognized , if yes, by which Authority Government of India
5 Status of affiliation: Regular
  (i)           Affiliation No. 1000042
  (ii)          Affiliation with the Board since CBSE  from Beginning of Vidyalaya
  (iii)        Extension of affiliation upto 2017-18
6 Name of Trust/Society/Company   KVS
Registered under Section 25 of the Company Act,1956.
  Period upto which Registration of Trust/Society is valid -
7 List of member’s of School Managing Committee with their Address/tenure and post held For session 2017-18
8 Name and Official address of the Manager/President/Chairman Correspondent Sh. Karmveer Sharma, IAS, Collector Rajagrh
  (i)           E-mail http://www.kvrajgarh.org.in/index.php/component/rsfirewall/?task=cloak&string=ZG1yYWpnYXJoQG5pYy5pbg==
  (ii)          Ph. No. 07372-255025
  (iii)        Fax No. 07372-255067
9 Area of school campus  
  (i)     In Acres 10 Acres
  (ii)    In sq.mtrs. 40,500
  (iii)  Built up areas(sq.mtrs) 5000
  (iv)   Area of playground in sq.mtrs 20,000
  (v)    Other facilities  
  (i)   Swimming pool NA
  (ii)  Indoor games NA
  (iii)             Dance Rooms NA
  (iv)Gymnasium NA
  (v)  Music Rooms Yes
  (vi)Hostels NA
  (vii)            Health and Medical Check up Yes
10 Details of fee structure  
  (i)Pre-Nursery Not Applicable
  (ii) Nursery Not Applicable
    Tuition  Fee Comp Fee VVN
  (i)           I to V - 100 500
  (iii)VI to VIII - 100 500
  (iv)IX &X 200(boys) 100 500
  (vi)         XI &XII (commerce) 300(boys) 100/150 500
  (v)XI &XII (Science) 400(boys) 100/150 500
11 Transport facility  
  (i)  Own buses NA
  (iii)         Buses hired on contract basis NA
  (iv) Details of transport charges NA
12 Particulars of teaching staff ( to be updated time to time)
    Name Designation Date of Birth Date of Appointment Trained/Un-trained Probation/Confirm Ad-Hoc/Part-time
  1 Sh.Nandkishore Soni   PRINCIPAL         Trained Confirmed  
  2 Sh. Ram Raj   PGT(Hindi)     13.12.1961 25.01.1990 Trained Confirmed  
  3 Sh. Dharam Singh Meena   PGT (HIST)           Trained Confirmed  
  4 Smt. Abhilasha Athnere   PGT(Comp)     16.7.1977 05.09.2007 Trained Confirmed  
  5 Mrs Smitha Gopal   PGT(English)         Trained Confirmed  
  6 Sh. Ranbir Singh   PGT (Maths)         Trained Probation  
  7 Sh. Dushyant Singh   PGT (Chem)         Trained Probation  
  8 Sh. Amit Singh   PGT (Commerce)         Trained Probation  
  9 Sh. Prem Krishan Suman   TGT (Hindi)         Trained Confirmed  
  10 Sh. Chhotulal Poter   TGT(Sans)         Trained  Confirmed  
  11 Sh. P.S. Rahangdale   TGT (Maths)         Trained Probation  
  12 Sh. Hari Om Suthar   TGT (Bio)         Trained Confirmed  
  13 Ms. Gargi Singh   TGT (Eng.)         Trained Confirmed  
  14 Mr. Ashutosh   TGT (SOST)         Trained Probation  
  15 Sh. Shivcharan Khandelwal   PET         Trained Confirmed  
  16 Sh. Sachin Jain   WET           Confirmed  
  17 Sh.Radhey Shyam Sharma   TGT (AE)         Trained Confirmed  
    Sh. T.N. Shrivastava   HM         Trained Confirmed  
  19 Dr. Shailendra Kumar Mewade   PRT (MUST)         Trained Confirmed  
  20 Smt. Anshu Shrivastava   PRT           Confirmed  
  21 Mr. Ankit    PRT         Trained Probation  
  22 Mr. Gaurav Kumar Jawla   PRT         Trained Probation  
  23 Mr. Himanshu Chaudhari   PRT           Probation  
  24 Smt. Pragati Tripathi   PRT         Trained Probation  
  25 Ms. Monika   PRT         Trained Probation  
Ms. Shaheen Khan   PRT    
Mr. Rajkumar   PRT    
  26         Trained Probation  
  27         Trained Probation  
13 Details of salary being paid by the school to teaching/nonteaching staff(( to be updated time to time)
  Designation  Scale of Pay Grade Pay % of D. A. HRA EPF Contribution
14 Mode of payment of salary  
  (i)          Name of the Bank through which salary is drawing - Through Union Bank Portal online
  (ii)          (ii) Through single cheque transfer advice -
  (iii)        (iii) Individual -
  (iv)         (iv) Cash -
15 Library facilities  
  (i)           Size of the Library in Sq. feet 1500 sq. Feet
  (ii)No. of Periodicals 20
  (ii)          (iii)No. of Dailies 7
  (iii)        (iv)No. Reference Books class wise Class No. Of Books
  (iv)           I 5
  (v)            II 5
  (vi)           III 6
  (vii)         IV 6
  (viii)       V 9
  (ix)           VI 28
  (x)            VII 26
  (xi)           VIII 19
  (xii)         IX 47
  (xiii)       X 67
  (xiv)        XI 78
  (xv)          XII 90
  (xvi)      (v)No. of  Magazines 13
  (xvii)    Others  
16 Name of the Grievance /redressal Officer Smt. Abhilasha Athnere, PGT(Computer Science)
17 Members of Sexual Harassment Committee Smt. Abhilasha Athnere, PGT(Computer Science)
18 Section wise enrolment for school for the current session Class Section Enrolment
I A 32
I B 34
II A 38
II B 38
III A 40
III B 40
IV A 40
IV B 40
V A 39
V B 38
VI A 39
VI B 40
VII A 39
VII B 39
IX A 40
IX B 40
X A 37
X B 38
XI A 40
XI  B 32
XI C 16
XII A 30
XII  B      
19 Academic session period 01.April.2017 31.March.2018
20 Vacation period Summer     
21 Admission period 1.0.Feb.2017 to 31.July.2017  



मिशन स्टेटमेंट/ Mission Statement


अगले पाँच वर्षों में विद्यालय के सभी विद्यार्थियों में द्विभाषी दक्षता के साथ कक्षाओं में शिक्षण-अधिगम को अधिक प्रभावी व सार्थक बनाते हुए सभी कक्षाओं में शत प्रतिशत परीक्षा परिणाम के साथ गुणात्मक सुधार लाया जाएगा । प्रत्येक विद्यार्थी को स्वयं में निहित क्षमताओं के विकास के लिए विभिन्न गतिविधियों (लेखन, गायन, वादन, अभिनय, पठनवाचन, भाषण, वाद, विवाद, चित्रकला, खेल-कुद) में प्रतिभागिता के माध्यम से पर्याप्त अवसर प्रदान किए जाएंगे।विद्यालय में सुंदर बाल-उद्यान,संसाधन सम्पन्न पुस्तकालय व उपयुक्त खेल के मैदान को विकसित किया जाएगा।



कक्षा XI वाणिज्य के प्रवेश की सूचना


Information Security Awareness

Revised (Provisional) short-listed candidates and waiting list of Class 2 to 8

List of Short-listed candidates of SC/ST and General Category

provisional admission and waiting list of class I under RTE 2018


Admission Notice 2018-19

Interview Details

Notification of tender invitation (Rate Quotation ) for Multi Media LCD Projector and LCD TV

Water Purifier with water cooler  TENDER FORM 2017-18


Firm registration form

Link of Student Support Material Class XII

Tender form

 Photographs of Existing Infrastructure

 Rajgarh District is a district of Madhya Pradesh state in central India. The town of Rajgarh is the administrative headquarters of the district.

The district has an area of 6,154 km², and a population 992,315 (1991 census). The district lies on the northern edge of the Malwa plateau, and the Parbati River forms the eastern boundary of the district, while the Kali Sindh River forms the western boundary. The district has six tehsils, Rajgarh, Khilchipur, Zirapur, Biaora, Narsinghgarh, and Sarangpur. The district is bounded by Rajasthan state to the north, and by the districts of Guna to the northeast, Bhopal to the east, Sehore to the southeast, and Shajapur to the south and west. It is part of Bhopal Division.

 The district was created May 1948, and includes the territory of the former princely states of Rajgarh, Narsinghgarh, Khilchipur, and parts of the states of Dewas Junior and Senior (Sarangpur tehsil) and Indore (Jarapur tehsil, now part of Khilchipur tehsil).

In addition to the town of Rajgarh, Khilchipur, Kotravihar and Narsinghgarh are places of interest.






Walkin Interview


Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (HQ)
Name of the Region :- Bhoapl
Schoolwise Enrolment Details :-
Name of the KV  :-Rajgarh Name of the Principal: Nand Kishore Soni    Ph.No. 9993042324 Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Class No. of Sections Total Enrolment as on date Average  enrolment per Section Possibility of admission taking 50 as avg strength in each section
Example 3 123 41  
I 2 74 37 13
II 2 79 39.5 11
III 2 79 39.5 11
IV 2 79 39.5 11
V 2 81 40.5 10
VI 2 81 40.5 10
VII 2 80 40 10
VIII 2 86 43 7
IX 2 95 47.5 3
XI 3 77 25.6 24





Prime Minister's Message on Teacher's  Day